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    About the New York Life Insurance Company With over 160 years of experience, the New York Life Insurance Company is the biggest mutual life insurance firm in the United States, and one of the biggest in the whole world. They are consistently rated among the very best and safest insurance companies by the most famous ratings agencies like Moodys, Standard & Poor's and so on.

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    About Manulife Financial John Hancock Financial is a subsidiary of Manulife Financial, a leading Canadian-based financial services group offering its services to millions of clients in 21 countries and territories all over the world. For more than 120 years, it provides its customers with kinds of products and services.

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    About Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium which was founded in 1945 by Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney Garfield and is based in the United States. Kaiser Permanente contains three distinct groups: the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and its regional operating subsidiaries, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and the autonomous regional Permanente Medical Groups. It is the largest managed care organization in the United States.

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    About Foremost Foremost is an insurance company, which was founded in 1952 in America and offers a wide range of insurance services such as payment plans. Customers can report a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Foremost. Currently the company has more than 2 million policyholders.

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    About Aflac Aflac insurance is the biggest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. They also are a major insurance provider in Japan. Their policies provide protection to more than 50 million people around the world.

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    About The Progressive Corporation The Progressive Corporation, or the Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, is an US company providing personal automobile insurance and other property-casualty insurance and related services. Firstly founded in 1937 by Joe Lewis and Jack Green, it operates in three segments, namely Personal Lines, Commercial Auto and Other-indemnity.

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    About USAA Wal-Mart is the largest department store and grocery retailer in the world, with over 8,500 stores in 15 countries. It is the largest private employer in the world. Wal-Mart has many different types of store besides their department stores, including grocery stores, discount stores and so on.

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    About CIGNA CIGNA is a global health services corporation who has been providing benefits to its customers all around the world. With more than 29,000 employees, CIGNA has expanded its business as a full range of services, including Health Insurance, Mail-order pharmacy, Expatriate benefits, HMO, etc. It offers various products to customers with different needs, such as Health plans, Group Disability, Life and Accident Insurance, and Disability and Workers' Compensation Case management.

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    About Manulife Financial As one of the most financially reliable companies in the world, Manulife Financial provides its customers the very best financial protection and wealth accumulation products. It helps the customers prepare them and their future with a strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking approach.

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    About The Great-West Life Assurance Company With a history of more than 100 years, the Great-West Life Assurance Company has been developing at a rapid speed and is currently a leading insurer in Canada. The company mainly serves different kinds of customers in Canada and Europe, offering a wide range of services and products such as life insurance, health insurance, investment, retirement savings, reinsurance business, and so on.

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    About Asurion Asurion is the world's largest cell phone and mobile device insurance company. In addition to providing insurance for cell phones and mobile devices in cases of accidental loss, damage or destruction, they also offer data back-up services as well as wireless roadside assistance. They currently handle equipment protection for Sprint in the form of the Sprint Total Equipment Protection policy.

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    About Progressive Casualty Insurance Company Founded in as early as 1937 in Ohio of the United States, the Progressive Casualty Insurance Company has been developing at a fast speed. It provides customers with a wide range of insurance services such as auto insurance, local car insurance, motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial auto insurance, renters insurance, life and health insurance, and so on.

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    About Humana Humana is a marketer and provider of health insurance services that is based in the United States. With over fifty years in the healthcare industry, Humana now serves over 11.5 million customers across the country. It has also started to pursue interests in Western Europe.

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    About UnitedHealthcare UnitedHealthcare is a large health insurer in the U.S. providing affordable health care benefit plans and services to millions of individuals nationwide. Its parent UnitedHealth Group, a diversified Fortune 50 health and well-being company, serves nearly 70 million customers in the U.S.

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    About Assurant Specialty Property Assurant Specialty Property is a leading provider of insurance products and services to clients and customers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Assurant Specialty Property's parent company is Assurant, Inc., a US$27 billion company with US$8 billion in assets and over 14,000 employees.

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    About Anthem Blue Cross Anthem Blue Cross is a major U.S. health insurance provider offering family and individual health plans, dental plans, term life insurance, Medicare, as well as healthy living programs to about 800, 000 customers. As a subsidiary of insurance giant Wellpoint, Anthem Blue Cross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association based in Thousand Oaks, California.

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    About HUMANA HUMANA is a health insurance company which is based in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. It was founded in 1961 and has now become a Fortune 100 company that markets and administers health insurance. It has over 11.5 million customers in the United States, which makes it the largest Fortune 100 company headquartered in Kentucky. HUMANA provides health insurance services in all 50 U.S. states, Washington D. C., and Puerto Rico and also has international business interests in Western Europe.

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    About State Farm State Farm Insurance is an insurance and financial services company based in the United States. It was founded in 1922 and now has over 17, 700 agents and 340 claim offices in 30 operation centers in the United States and Canada. Their services include insurance, banking and investing and its main business is its auto insurance subsidiary, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

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    About Sun Life Financial With over 150 years of experience in the industry, Sun Life Financial is a trusted leader in the field of international financial services. The firm is based in Toronto and is primarily known for their health insurance business, though they also provide retirement planning and investment services. They serve customers all over the world.

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    About Confused.com Confused.com is a price comparison website which is based in the United Kingdom. It is a part of the Admiral Group. Confused.com specializes in insurance and financial services. Launched in 2002, Confused.com is the first car insurance comparison site in the UK. Currently, its business ranges from car insurance, home insurance, holiday and travel insurance to pet insurance and caravan insurance and much more.

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    About Compare The Market Compare The Market is a website which provides free insurance quotes, including car insurance, home insurance, van insurance, bike insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance. It also offers price comparison service including energy price comparisons, credit card comparisons, and loan comparisons and so on. It is based in the United Kingdom.

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    About Confused.com Confused.com, launched in 2002, was the first insurance price comparison website in the UK, specializing in a wide range of comparison products including car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, van insurance, motorbike insurance, breakdown cover and energy, as well as financial services products.

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    About Industrial Alliance With over one hundred years in the industry, Industrial Alliance is one of Canada's most trusted names in the insurance business. They offer just about every form of insurance imaginable, as well as financial management and group benefits services. Industrial Alliance is based in Quebec City, Quebec and serves about three million customers in Canada, though they have begun to branch out into the United States.

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    About GEICO GEICO, referring to the Government Employment Insurance Company, is an auto insurance company which is based in the United States. It was founded in 1936 and now it is the third-largest direct writer of private auto insurance in the United States. GEICO writes private passenger auto mobile insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the U.S. It uses a direct-to-consumer sales model rather than relying on agents to sell policies and then it puts funds saved from not paying agent commissions toward the purchase of television advertising. GEICO is well known in popular culture for its advertising.

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    About MetLife MetLife, officially known as Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, is an insurance and finance company which is based in the United States. It was founded in 1868 and is among the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs in the world. MetLife has over 90 million customers in over 60 countries.

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    About Saga Group Saga Group, with more than 2.7 million customers, is a company mainly serving the needs of people aged more than 50 in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1959 by Sidney De Haan in Folkestone, Kent, it has now five call centers, providing services including Saga Holidays, Saga Insurance, Saga Personal Finance, and Saga Independent Living.

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    About the Aetna As the first national, full-service health insurer, Aetna has been the leading health care benefits company covering medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, group life and disability plans, and medical management. It provides members with easy-to-understand information and helps them to manage their health and financial well being. Aetna Insurance Company began to sell life insurance in 1850 and it got the authorization to do business in Massachusetts and New York by 1865. The company begins its first national advertising campaign in 1911.

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    About GEICO GEICO is short for Government Employees Insurance Company, which was first founded in 1936 by Philip J. Carlton, Leo Goodwin and his wife Lillian to provide auto insurance to federal government employees. After many years as a publicly traded firm, GEICO became a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway in 1996 and is now a successful and trustable insurance company with an AA+ rating from Standard and Poor's and Aa1 from Moody's.

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    About Anthem Established in 1980s, Anthem, as the short name for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is one of the most influential insurance providers in US. From 1993 to 2008, Anthem has undergone a number of mergers and acquisitions and has generated vast economic advantages with around 800,000 customers in US. Anthem is committed to high-level care provision and community health improvement.

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    About AAA Founded in 1902, the American Automobile Association, known as AAA, is a not-for-profit federation of regional affiliated automobile clubs throughout North America. Although these AAA clubs are independently operated and own their own territories, they agree to provide certain standard services to members of all 51 AAA clubs. Up to now, AAA has had over 51 million members. AAA provides its members with many kinds of services, for example, travel, automotive, insurance, financial, and discounts.

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    About the Cigna Cigna, a global healthcare management company, is one of the largest health service organizations in the United States. It provides people around the world medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and vision care benefits, as well as group and individual life, accident and disability insurance. All these services convey the mission of bringing the improvement of health, well-being and sense of security to their customers.

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    About Adrian Flux Insurance Services Adrian Flux Insurance Services is a large insurance broker in the United Kingdom. Initially founded in 1973, Adrian Flux has now over 30 years experience and reputation in the insurance field. It operates specialist insurance in car, home, van, bike and other areas. However, it is best known for its car insurance operations and owns a glossy car magazine named InFlux. Adrian Flux even takes different approaches to different cars and insurers. For example, its Cherished Department is committed to high performance car insurance.

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    About 21st Century Insurance First established in 1958 by Louis W. Foster as an inter-insurance exchange offering auto insurance company, 21 Century Insurance is now wholly owned by the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. It provides customers superior coverage and services, as well as helping them save money on auto insurance. Its service covers the majority of the United States, including 48 states and the District of Columbia.

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    About AARP Medicare Plans American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a non-governmental organization and interest group based in the United States. It aims at improving the quality of life for old people, that's why they offers its Medicare Plans, which are insured or covered by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliates. AARP Medicare Plans have three different types, the Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplementary Insurance Plans, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

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    About Medicare.gov Administered by the U.S. federal government since 1965, medicare is a national social insurance program aimed to guarantee qualified Americans the health insurance. Medicare.gov is the official U.S. Government site for medicare. On this website, you can find almost everything related to your medicare and manage your health insurance online.

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    About Medicare.com First established in 2004, medicare.com is privately owned and operated by Medx Publishing, Inc. As a non-government resource that helps customers understand the medicare system, find their medicare needs and make wise medicare choices. It claims to hold the mission of "being an asset to both the Medicare system and those who depend on it, in that we provide coverage information simply and straightforward".

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    About SSA www.ssa.gov is the official website of United States Social Security Administration (SSA), which was formed in 1935 and now headquartered in Maryland. SSA is an independent agency of the federal government that administers the nation's Social Security. With a nationwide network of over 1,400 offices, SSA delivers "Social Security services that meet the changing needs of the public", as its mission statement goes.

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    About Select Quote Life As a pioneering Term Life Insurance agent, Select Quote Life specializes in providing impartial price comparisons of your best rates from the best Term Life Insurance companies. Select Quote has been pioneering the Term Life Insurance market for years ever since 1985, when it became America's number one independent Term Life sales agency and still remains the best.

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    About Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield As the trade name of a series of healthcare companies in 11 states, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is created as part of the merger of The Associated Group and Community Mutual Insurance Co.. Later in 2004, Anthem and WellPoint merged, with the combined company name being WellPoint. Then Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield was used as the brand name by WellPoint in that 11 states.

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    About FEMA The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a long history dating back to over 200 years ago. It is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security with nearly 8,000 employees, which was established to provide on-the-ground support of disaster recovery efforts and to coordinate the response to a big disaster that a state alone cannot handle.

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    About the GeneralInsurance.com With the mission of offering revolutionary online service for finding the best insurance rates, GeneralInsurance.com was founded aiming at helping people who want to save time and money when choosing and buying insurances. Insurance at General Insurance cover a wide range of types. Based on that fact, people quoting, comparing and choosing the insurance becomes much easier.

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    About the General The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc. (The General) is a licensed insurance agency, which affiliates to PGC Holdings Corp. (PGC). It headquarters at 2636 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 510, Nashville, Tennessee 37214. The General is an online auto insurance offer of many financially stable insurance companies including Permanent General Assurance Corporation, Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio, and The General Automobile Insurance Company, Inc.