About DetailedGuidance Team

About DetailedGuidance Team

DetailedGuidance is operating by a group of youths, who are passionate about internet and believe in the future of knowledge sharing without boundaries.

Why Do We Set up This Website?

Internet is the most wonderful invention in the last 50 years. While nowadays it is still more useful to groups of geeks. There are billions of people lacking of access to all the information, or more sadly, they are lacking of necessary skills to leverage the access to this "Alexandria's Laboratory".

We always help parents to set up networks, teach them to click here and there, but there are still a lot elders that are not helped within time. Therefore we a group of people come up with this idea: to set up a website aiming for helping people with step by step guidance to trendy internet service.

Where Are We Going?

We are trying to provide useful and high quality content all by ourselves - we taste the service first, keep track of all steps, and list them out.

There are countless internet service these days. It is highly not possible to cover all of them, so we are targeting to provide most useful information in some certain areas, technical, finance, and daily life related.

Who Are We?

Our team is formed with people with different background. Diversity is the key to a rich knowledge base, we have people with literature degrees, people specialized in tech, and people from finance industry, most are from Ivy League colleges, and some in US and some in other countries. The good part of a diversified team is we could provide information in different areas, the opposite is our writing style could be distinguished from one to another.

It is the internet and the same value bring us together. We very appreciate the amazing technology, and would like to feedback back with our efforts.


"What sets you apart from the pack is your focus on details. Keep on the good job." - Doris K.

"I truly appreciate all your informative articles. They have saved me a lot of time." - Sue L.

"My thanks to your team for your generous sharing - it was great." - Anna T.

Contact Us

For sure if any questions, any comments or requests, you are welcomed to contact us: contact(AT)detailedguidance(DOT)com.

We also welcome any people who are interested in joining us, we may not provide competitive benefits as a professional writer, but we hope you are holding the same dream of us - that internet should be for everyone on this planet, and we want to be part of making it there.