Enter the USAA WinWin Sweepstakes to Save Money

Enter the USAA WinWin Sweepstakes to Save Money

About USAA

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About USAA WinWin Sweepstakes

The USAA WinWin Sweepstakes is a contest created by the United Services Automobile Association to promote their no-obligation auto insurance quote services. By simply using their online quote service to find out if you are eligible for a USAA auto loan, you can enter their special sweepstakes and get the chance to win a brand new car! The process only takes about five minutes.

By finding out if you are eligible for a USAA auto insurance policy you could save yourself hundreds of dollars a year ($450, on average) by switching to USAA insurance, as well as save money on a second USAA policy, such as for life insurance, and earn a safe driver discount. Best of all, finding out if you are eligible for USAA also gets you a chance to win a sweepstakes with the grand prize of two brand-new 2012 Chevrolets – one for you and one for a friend, as well as $10,000 cash for each of you!

How can you enter the USAA WinWin Sweepstakes?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. Your personal information.
  3. Information about the year, make and model of your automobile.
  4. You must be an active, retired or honorably separated officer or enlisted personnel of the U.S. military, or the spouse, adult child or widow/widower of a current or former holder of a USAA policy.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the USAA WinWin Sweepstakes website at: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/pc_auto_winwin2011_landing?adid=aff_eangus_auto_sweeps_banner_0911#rules.
  2. Click on the button marked, "Start a Quote." a) If you are already a USAA member, enter your Online ID and Password, then click on the link marked, "Log On." i. Complete the quote application process as directed and then enter the sweepstakes. b) If you are not already a USAA member, then click on the link marked, "Get an Auto Insurance Quote."
  3. Read the introductory material about getting your online quote and then click on the button marked, "Get Started."
  4. Enter your personal information into the required fields and then type the security check letters and numbers into the captcha box. Finally, click on the button marked, "Next."
  5. Enter information relevant to your policy and then continue the process.
  6. List the number of drivers for the vehicle you are thinking of insuring and then continue the process.
  7. List the vehicle or vehicles that you wish to ensure along with vehicle use information and then continue the process.
  8. Review your quote results and then enter the USAA WinWin Sweepstakes. Good luck!
  9. For further information about the USAA WinWin Sweepstakes, review the Sweepstakes rules at: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/sweepstakes_auto_2011_rules_popup.


If you or someone in your immediate family is serving in the military or is a veteran then you may be eligible for USAA car insurance. USAA offers considerable savings over other insurance providers, though the requirements for membership are fairly strict. The sweepstakes has a great prize and you won’t lose anything by entering the contest since all you are getting is a no-obligation quote. You don’t actually have to buy anything or even begin the process of taking out a policy.

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