Find a business using Yellowpages.com

Find a business using Yellowpages.com

About YP

YP, AKA yellowpages.com nowadays, provides a one-stop-site that fulfills the requirements of foods, jobs and any other services in local. The goal of YP is to be a utility for all the people who are searching for on internet what they're really in need, and to provide an advertising action for local services and local commerce.

About finding a business on YP

YP gathers and provides all kinds of local business online with short demonstrations and introductions, such as restaurants, moives&theaters, doctors&medicare, automobile repairing, hotels, hair salons and deals. By inputting your required business and the city where you would like to accept the service, YP will show you a detailed list of business you requested with primary information such as address, telephone number, website, latest coupons and other more information.

By searching for business online with yellowpages.com, one can easily get a full understanding of the service nearby in business numbers, locations, contact information, etc. Just inputting the related information and the local city name, one will receive a full dimension to choose the idea business partner and enjoy the one-stop service in front of a computer.

How can you find a business using Yellowpages.com?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to www.yellowpages.com, choose the location/city you're currently in.
  2. Using the retrieving bar, input the business you're looking for and the city where you want the service is provided. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. Results of your query will be shown in two different ways one of which to be used is decided by yourself, the list view and the map view.
  4. Choose the idea business partner by its address, target, price or rating score, one can email or telephone or through any other methods the partner would accept to confirm you request and negotiate your bargains.


If you find it difficult to select the idea business that follows your location, price, etc, go to yellowpages, you will find everything is all around you.

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