Sign up at WeeWorld to join the social network

Sign up at WeeWorld to join the social network

About WeeWorld

WeeWorld is a leading social network built for fun in the U.S., where you can meet new friends, send messages, play games, and create your own avatar. In particular, it offers a collection of visually distinctive online social games for youth and other mainstream audiences. Now, 50 million WeeMees worldwide participate in those games, including charitable campaigns, hobbies, jobs, fashion, celebrities and more.

About creation of WeeMee at WeeWorld

To join in the games and other fun at WeeWorld, you need to create your own identity first, which is called WeeMee. You can create your WeeMee online for free, by choosing your gender and basic features. You can even get dressed by choosing from a menu of items, such as hairstyle, headwear, footwear, etc. Once you have made your WeeMee, you can play a role in the games.

Signing up at WeeWorld is a required and efficient way to become one of its WeeMees. By creating your WeeMee, you build up a special role for yourself at WeeWorld, with outfit and features of your choices. With your WeeMee, you can join other WeeMees for all fun you want.

How to sign up at WeeWorld?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to WeeWorld website at: http://www.weeworld.com/.
  2. Press the big red button marked “SIGN UP!”, or click on the top hyperlink "Create your WeeMee".
  3. Then, finish the options about your gender, head shape, skin color and eye color.
  4. Next, click "Get dressed now" to customize your WeeMee, selecting from a menu of items about hair styles, wearing, interests, food&drink, etc.


If you are looking for fun at WeeWorld, it's better for you to sign up first and become a WeeMee. In this way, you have a special role to play. It would be much more fun, and, it’s free!

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