Apply for a career at Walmart

Apply for a career at Walmart

About Walmart

With around 8,500 stores in 15 different countries around the world, Walmart is a massive multinational corporation that operates a chain of department stores and warehouse stores around the world. Based in the United States, Walmart is the world’s 18th largest corporation and the world’s largest retailer and private employer.

About Applying for a career at Walmart

As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart is constantly hiring. As part of their hiring initiative, they have a Walmart Careers website that allows prospective employees to apply for positions over the internet. There are positions every kind available and many can be applied for using the Walmart job application website. These fields include jobs in the corporate division, in department stores, in pharmacies and so on.

Applying for a career online with Walmart is an easy and quick way to start your search for a new job. There are many positions available and the Walmart Careers website allows you to search for jobs based on type of position, making it easier to find something that is appropriate for your skills. The application process is easy to understand and Walmart is always hiring.

How can you apply for a career at Walmart?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. You must a legal resident of the United States with the right to work in the country.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Walmart Careers website at: www.walmart.com/careers.
  2. Select the division of Walmart in which you would like to work from the drop-down menu and then click on the button marked, “Apply Now.”
  3. After your search results appear, select the sort of job listed in the division you have chosen by clicking on it.
  4. Refine your job search by selecting a Category and entering keywords as well as your location and the radius within which you would be willing to commute to work. Tick boxes to indicate business area and employment type, then click on the button marked, “Refine Search.”
  5. Review your refined search results and click on the jobs that interest you.
  6. Once you have clicked on a job in which you are interested, click on the button marked, “Apply to job.”
  7. If you have any questions about Walmart, please refer to their FAQ at: walmartstores.com/317.aspx.


In these difficult economic times, many people are looking for work. Luckily, Walmart is always hiring and they have an easy-to-use website that makes applying for a job at Walmart pretty simple and straight-forward.

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