Download And Set Up Learning Navigator

Download And Set Up Learning Navigator

About the VTech

Vtech, also known as Video Technology Ltd, is a manufacturer of consumer electronics, producing products including computer hardware, computer software, cordless telephone, educational toys for children and other high-tech accessories. It was founded in the year of 1976 in Hong Kong. Its educational products include the Innotab tablet computer, MobiGo touch learning system and V. Reader e-reader are quite famous worldwide.

About the Learning Lodge Navigator

Do you wish to buy different titles for your MobiGo, V. Reader and other applications from VTech? If the answer is yes, then downloading and setting up Learning Lodge Navigator should be a must for you. Learning Lodge Navigator is specially designed for your VTech products, you are able to get more updates , have access to the download library and gain extra tools to encourage learning. Once the Learning Lodge Navigator is installed, a wide range of stories and games will be available for your children. Meanwhile, a variety of selection of learning materials is specially offered by Learning Lodge Navigator as well.

It is literally simple, easy and time-saving for you to download and set up Learning Lodge Navigator. It only takes you a couple of minutes and the process is fairly easy. You don't need to have much knowledge about computer at all. All you have to do is click on a series of buttons, and it will be installed automatically. There will be instructions in every step. And, it's totally free of charge! After you have installed Learning Lodge Navigator, you are free to enjoy all the services.

How to download and set up Learning Lodge Navigator?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to visit Learning Lodge Navigator download page at: http://www.vtechkids.com/download.
  2. Check your operating environment, if you are using a PC, click "PC Download"; if a Mac, click "Mac Download."
  3. Your computer will automatically down the Learning Lodge Navigator for you. After it is finished, double click the "exe" file, and start to install it.
  4. Follow the instructions, and finish the process. If there is any question, please to go to visit Learning Lodge Navigator FAQ page at: http://www.vtechkids.com/support/.
  5. To know more about Learning Lodge Navigator, please go to visit: http://www.vtechuk.com/our-ranges/learninglodgenavigator/.


If you want to get more interesting learning materials and products for your kids, then don't hesitate to download and set up Learning Lodge Navigator, it's fun and free!

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