Get haggle-free car price quotes from TrueCar

Get haggle-free car price quotes from TrueCar

About TrueCar

TrueCar is an automobile information and solutions provider dedicated to offering the most comprehensive, correct and current information about what real car dealers and buyers are selling and buying cars for. TrueCar assembles data from car dealerships all over the country about what people have actually bought various models of car for in order to help consumers make better decisions when car-buying.

About getting haggle-free car price quotes from TrueCar

TrueCar provides customers with an information service that helps them make better decisions when buying a new car. By entering the information about the car you want to buy and the area you are in, TrueCar will give you accurate information about what this car has sold for and what is the fairest price to pay for it. This price is based on actual dealer cost, factory invoice cost and sticker price in order to give you the information you need to get the best deal possible.

TrueCar turns you into a car price expert. By finding out what the car is actually selling for and what profit the dealer is making on it, you have the information you need to negotiate the best price possible when you buy. What’s more, TrueCar works with certified dealers who will sell you the car you want at the price that TrueCar quotes you, with no hassle and no haggling.

How can you get haggle-free car price quotes from TrueCar?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. Information about the make and model of car you want to buy.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the TrueCar website at: www.truecar.com.
  2. Search for the car you want to buy by entering the make or model into the search field and then pressing the Enter key.
  3. You can also search for the car you want by using the dropdown menus beneath the search field.
  4. Once you have found the car you want a quote for and reviewed some of the pricing information, then click on the button marked “Locate Dealers.”
  5. Review the information about the certified dealers in your area, and then enter your personal information into the required fields below. Finally, click on the button marked, “Get Your Price Certificate.”
  6. You may then print out your Price Certificate and take it with you to a certified dealer in your search results and they will offer you the car you want at this price with no haggling!


Using TrueCar to get a haggle-free car price quote really takes the mystery and the a lot of the danger out of buying a new car by giving you complete, up-to-date pricing information that gives you the advantage.

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