Track a Package via TrackingNumber.org

Track a Package via TrackingNumber.org

About TrackingNumber

TrackingNumber is a third-party online package tracking service, to help you find out where your package is at the moment. It supports all major express couriers all over the world, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, USPS, Canada Post, and Australia Post.

Tracking a package is easy, you just need to select your courier, and input the tracking number (if you are the recipient, you can ask the sender for it). Beside traditional text-based tracking records, TrackingNumber also provides visualized tracking results, which mark package locations on maps. This feature helps users to better understand the current status of their packages, especially when the packages are in the middle of the process, being delivered in a not-so-familiar area.

How to Track a Package via TrackingNumber

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. As using any other online service, you need to use a device with internet access.
  2. You need to know which express courier is shipping your package, and what the tracking number is.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to TrackingNumber, select your express courier from the list.
  2. Enter your tracking number into the input box, then click on the button marked "track!"
  3. If there are tracking records of your package, results will be shown, with both text records and a map.
  4. By default, the location on the map shows the latest location of your package. If you would like to show other locations, click on the corresponding text records.
  5. You can zoom the map to better understand the location.
  6. If no results are shown, refer to the error message for a solution. The most common mistake is incorrectly inputted tracking number.
  7. You can always make a phone call to your express courier to find out more information. The phone numbers are shown above the tracking records.


If you get confused of where your package is, you should try TrackingNumber. It visualizes tracking records by marking corresponding locations on maps, so you won’t be bothered by a foreign location name anymore.

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