Pay Unpaid Toll Violation at TOLL-BY-PLATE

Pay Unpaid Toll Violation at TOLL-BY-PLATE

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

The payment options for TOLL-BY-PLATE service are offered by the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, which is a business unit of the Florida Department of Transportation. FTE was formed in 2002, it provides toll collection services for many companies.


If you have received an unpaid toll violation, you now may pay the total amount due by the due date to prevent additional fees. TOLL-BY-PLATE is an ideal place for you to solve the problem. It is a toll collection system that uses photographic images of the vehicle’s license plate to identify the driver who is responsible for payment. TOLL-BY-PLATE also provides you with a simple payment website.

Paying Unpaid Toll Violation at TOLL-BY-PLATE is a fairly convenient, efficient, quick and secure way for you to solve your problem. When your vehicle passes through a toll collection facility, your plate will be captured, and after that you will receive an invoice in the mail for accumulated toll amounts and $2.50 administrative charge. All you need to do is to pay that online.

How to pay Unpaid Toll Violation at TOLL-BY-PLATE?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. You must be the registered owner of the license plate that printed on the document.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to TOLL-BY-PLATE page at: www.tollbyplate.com, click on "Pay Unpaid Toll Violation".
  2. Enter your document ID, enter your plate number, click" Sign in".
  3. Input your other information as required, follow the instructions and pay the toll.
  4. For more reference to TOLL-BY-PLATE Program, please visit: https://www.tollbyplate.com/pdf/Toll_By_Plate_guide.pdf.
  5. To see samples of Unpaid Toll Violation, please go to: https://www.tollbyplate.com/sampleUTVDocument.


If you want to save trouble and make full use of online payment service, then pay your Unpaid Toll Violation at TOLL-BY-PLATE. It's quick, efficient and secure!

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