get the latest child safety information

get the latest child safety information

About Thinkuknow.co.uk

Thinkuknow.co.uk is an education program created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) that is designed to help children of different ages learn how to use the internet to have fun in a safe and secure way. They create films and disseminate information meant to publicize the importance of internet safety for children. CEOP is a department of the Serious Organized Crime Agency.

About getting the latest safety information for parents and their kids from Thinkuknow.co.uk

The Thinkuknow.co.uk website is created to inform and educate children of all ages as well as their parents, carers and teachers about how to keep kids safe when they use the internet. The site has all kinds of information in a number of different formats, including short films that give a kind of introductory guide to using the internet safely.

Thinkuknow.co.uk provides clear guidance and useful up-to-date information that can be extremely beneficial in helping parents and carers make sure that their children can enjoy using the internet and have fun with it in a way that is safe. The materials on the site are free for users.

How can a parent get the latest safety information for his or her children?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. The information on the site is designed for residents of the United Kingdom.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the thinkuknow website at: www.thinkuknow.co.uk and click on the section at the top marked, “Parent? Carer?”
  2. You may wish to begin by watching the short film, “Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet.” To watch this film, click on the button that reads “Watch the Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet.”
  3. Next, select advice that is appropriate for the age level of your kids by clicking on the appropriate button.
  4. Click on the subject that you like to learn more about. For example if you want to know more about what your kids are doing online, click on the button that reads, “What is my child doing online?“
  5. For further information and safety tips, scroll down the page and review the “Top Tips”
  6. If you need to contact someone at the site for further assistance, please consult the contact page at: www.ceop.police.uk/Contact-Us/.


If you are feeling bewildered at the prospect of how to keep your children safe from predators on the internet and don’t know how to go about talking to them about their internet use, try using the advice that you can find on the Thinkuknow.co.uk website. It’s simple, useful, clear advice that can make things easier for you.

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