Participate in Sport Clips Survey

Participate in Sport Clips Survey

About Sport Clips

Sport Clips is a chained male-oriented haircut salon. Founded in 1993 in Georgetown, Texas, it has now opened more than 800 outlets all over the states. As its name has indicated, sports memorabilia and logo items are displayed in every franchised store, and sports programs are broadcast as entertainment for its male customers.

About Sport Clips Survey

Sport Clips survey is a client satisfaction survey designed and opened online by Sports Clips. Every customer of Sports Clips is welcome to this survey, which is supposed to collect honest and surely constructive opinions and suggestions from the customers of Sport Clips.

With the 5-digit store number and the stylist’s number, you can take part in the survey and make your comments on the service you have received at Sport Clips, or the environment, decoration, or anything that appeals to you. The survey questions are mainly about your experience as a customer at Sport Clips, which will take you within 5 minutes to finish.

How can you take part in Sport Clips survey?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. You need to have the 5-digit store number and the stylist’s number.
  2. You need to have a computer accessed to the internet.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Visit the website of Sport Clips survey at http://www.tellsportclips.com.
  2. Enter the 5 digit store number and the stylist’s number, which you can both find on the bill you have got in a Sport Clips outlet.
  3. After clicking “Next”, continue with the survey by finishing all the questions.
  4. If you are interested about Sport Clips, you can visit its homepage to know more details about its outlets, the stylists, or register to be a member of Sport Clips at: http://www.sportclips.com.


As a loyal customer of Sport Clips, where males can have a great time of watching sports programs while having their haircut done, you are now invited to take part in Sport Clips survey online to let your voice about the service provided by Sport Clips, which will definitely help make a better Sport Clips.

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