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Take Part In Coles Consumer Survey To Win A Prize

Take Part In Coles Consumer Survey To Win A Prize

About Coles Supermarkets

Founded in 1914 in Australia, Coles supermarkets is one of the largest food retailing chains in Australia and has been an important role in the Australian life. Currently, Coles has more than 100,000 employees to provide their consumers services throughout the whole country.

About Coles Customer Satisfaction Survey

Joining in the Coles consumer satisfaction survey is easy and convenient. If you are interested in helping Coles make improvement, you can complete the Coles survey online to tell them your advice or dissatisfaction about either their service or good quality. All you need is a receipt from Coles in recent days.

By taking part in the survey, you can get 1,000 bonus points or $5 off when you spend $100 or more in Coles store. It can be money-saving! Besides, you will also get a chance to win a $1,000 Coles Gift Card every month in your state. You have to be over 16 years old to be eligible for the sweepstakes.

How Can You Take Part In The Coles Consumer Survey To Get A Chance To Win $1,000 Gift Card?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A device with Internet access.
  2. You have to be a legal Australian residents.
  3. You have to be over 16 years old.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Coles Consumer Satisfaction Survey website at http://www.tellcoles.com.au.
  2. Enter your store number, receipt number, the date you visit Coles and click on the red button marked "Start survey" to continue.
  3. tellcoles-com-au-Take-part-in-Coles-Consumer-Survey-to-Win-a-Prize-1
  4. Follow the instruction showed on the screen step-by-step to finish the survey.
  5. If you have problems in entering the information, please refer to Help at https://www.tellcoles.com.au/surveys/56c68ac0-fe6a-4a88-977c-3123650bd32b/v172/resources/lander/coles/help.html.
  6. If you have questions about the survey, please call at 1800 061 562 at the working hours.
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