Sign Up for a Target.com Account

Sign Up for a Target.com Account

About the Target Coporation

Target Corporation is a big American retailing company which was officially formed in the year of 2000. It sells a a variety of products, including kids products, furniture, electronics, women products and so on. Target devotes itself to offer its customers with 100% happy shopping experience.

About the Target Online Returning Center

Have you ever received a lot of presents on holidays, festivals or special occasions? If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you are a lucky person. However, have these gifts ever brought you vexation that you are totally not interested in some of them even though they are expensive and perfectly wrapped? If you think so, then come to sign up for a Target.com account to return an item and get your fund. As long as you have kept the receipt, the returning will be quite handy. Please note that the gift-giver won't be informed of your return.

It is quite simple and quick to sign up for a Target.com account to return an item. All you have to do is follow the instructions and enter required information, you will be guided during the process. With Target.com 's returning service, you will no longer have to worry about presents or items you are not into, and at the same time, no waste will be caused, your space is saved and you can get things you like.

How to sign up for a Target.com account to return an item?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. A receipt of the item that you want to return.
  3. Items should be returned in 90 days and must be in unused and new condition.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Target.com online Return Center at: www.target.com/returns.
  2. You will see a Target.com Returning Center page. Follow the instructions.Go to sign up for a new account.
  3. Enter your photo id, your personal information, item information, and deliver the form.
  4. For more policies about items that you can return, please go to visit: http://www.target.com/gp/browse.html/?node=10665391.
  5. If there is further questions, please refer to FAQ at: http://shop.target.com.au/help/refund-returns.html.


If you wish to return the presents or items you don't like, then come to return them at Target.com Return Center via the internet. It is fairly easy and convenient, and you will get refund as soon as possible.

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