Apply for a payday loan from QuickQuid

Apply for a payday loan from QuickQuid

About QuickQuid and Cash America International

QuickQuid is a short-term, unsecured loan website that is owned by Cash America International. Cash America International began a chain of pawn shops throughout the United States, but has since branched into the check-cashing and unsecured loan businesses. The own a number of payday loan websites in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

About QuickQuid

QuickQuid is a website that offers short-term, unsecured loans, also know as “payday loans” to people in the United Kingdom. The service is offered to those who find themselves in urgent need of funds to meet monthly expenses, such as rent fees or utility bills, at the beginning of the month. The site specializes in offering small loans to those without a good or regular credit history.

QuickQuid offers cash fast with no hassle and very little paperwork. You do not need to have good credit or any real credit history at all. Loans can conveniently be applied for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can also create online accounts that are accessible anytime, and there are customer service representatives to help with any problems that occur.

How can you apply for payday loans from QuickQuid?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. You must be a resident of the United Kingdom.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the QuickQuid website at: www.quickquid.co.uk.
  2. Click on the button marked, “Apply Now.”
  3. Create an account by entering your personal information and email address and then choosing a password. Then enter your contact information.
  4. Tick the box to indicate that you have read and understood the privacy policy and then tick the boxes below to indicate what if any kind of promotional information you would like to receive. Finally, click on the button marked, “Continue.”
  5. Complete the loan application process as directed and then follow instruction to receive your loan.
  6. If you have any questions about QuickQuid or their loan application process, please refer to their FAQ at: www.quickquid.co.uk/faq.html.


If you absolutely need cash right away and you cannot apply for a loan from a bank or other lending agency, then QuickQuid may be an option to which you can resort. You really ought to keep in mind, though, that the interest rate for this kind of loan is staggeringly high. If you can find any other way to borrow money, you might want to try that first.

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