Enter P&O Cruises Prize Draw to Win a Cruise

Enter P&O Cruises Prize Draw to Win a Cruise

About P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises is a cruise line which is based at Carnival House in Southampton, England, and operated by Carnival UK. It was founded in 1837 and is the oldest cruise line in the world. It operated the world’s first passenger ships in the early 19th century. It is the sister company of P&O Cruises Australia. Currently, P&O Cruises operates seven cruise ships with a total passenger capacity of 14,970, making up a 5% market share of all cruise lines worldwide.

About P&O Cruises Prize Draw

P&O Cruises provides a prize draw program for customers. Participants of the draw can win a holiday on board a cruise ship for 17 nights round trip from Southampton to Malaga, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Venice, Split, Palma, Lisbon and Vigo. It is Ventura’s 175th grand event cruise, which will depart July 3, 2012.

By entering P&O Cruises prize draw, you might win a cruise of 17 nights on board. Entering the prize draw is easy, fast and convenient. It takes only a few seconds and you can enter online whenever and wherever you want during the prize draw period.

How to enter P&O Cruises prize draw to win a cruise?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. You need to be a legal resident of the UK and be 18 years old or older.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to P&O Cruises’ website at www.pocruises.co.uk and click on the button marked “open” along with the blue sign marked “Prize draw to win a cruise-enter today”.
  2. Select a title for you from the drop-down menu, then enter your name, postcode, email address into the required boxes, tick the box if you do not want to receive any special offers or other new about P&O Cruises, and then click on the button marked “Enter prize draw”.
  3. Follow instructions to complete the whole entry process.
  4. For more detailed terms and conditions, you can go to http://www.pocruises.com/PrizeDraw12/prize-draw/?keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=450&width=465.


P&O Cruises prize draw is really a great promotion. It is completely free. It is worth trying!

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