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Sign up for a Windows Live ID for Microsoft service

Sign up for a Windows Live ID for Microsoft service

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a well-known Corporation for Computer software, Online services and Video games. It was created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April4, 1975. The headquarters locates in Redmond, Washington in U.S. Microsoft is definitely the world’s largest software maker who provides the services all over the world.

About Sign up for a Windows Live ID

Windows Live ID is authentication system developed by Microsoft Corporation which helps individuals manage their personal information, like Microsoft Office. Basically it is often used in email application, chatting with friends, web browsing as well. Without Windows Live ID, Windows Live Essentials or Windows Live Messenger won’t work. Generally speaking, what you need is an email to getting start registration.

Signing up for a Windows Live ID is totally free service, which makes you more convenient when you’re surfing online.


Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. Available Email address.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to visit www.passport.net, Click “Sign Up” on the left of the page for account.
  2. Enter your personal information in every blanks appears on your screen. Especially making sure that your email is correct.
  3. Go to your email box and get the confirmation serial number.
  4. Go back to the sign-up page and fill in the confirmation serial number, click “I accept”.
  5. Your Windows Live ID is created and you can sign in any time.


If you are using Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox LIVE, or have a Windows Phone, which means Windows Live ID has established already. Just go head to sign in.

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