Use Orbitz to search and find the cheapest airfares

Use Orbitz to search and find the cheapest airfares

About Orbitz

Orbitz.com, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is the flagship brand of Orbitz Worldwide, a leading travel company. It provides customers with a wide range of products concerning travelling. On Orbitz.com, you can search, plan and book tickets, hotels, and all the sort of things. Orbitz employs over 1,400 people and is host to 1.5 million airline ticket searches and 1 million hotel searches everyday.

About using Orbitz to find the cheapest airfares

Orbitz.com provides customers with a convenient online service that gives them a strong hand in finding the cheapst hotels, cars, travel activities, flights and so forth. It allows customers to compare prices of different offerings and they provide different types of packages. You can search for single products of the lowest price or choose the most suitable package. In a word, Orbitz.com helps you save your money and time.

Orbitz.com allows you to find the cheapest airfares by comparing ticket prices and relevant packages. With the help of Orbitz.com, you no longer have to visit so many websites of airline companies to find the cheapest ticket. Instead, all you need to do is just to open a single website of Orbitz.com, search for the tickets you want, compare their prices very easily, and then you get the best ticket of the lowest price. It takes you only a couple of minutes, and you can have a best travel experience! The most important is, this fantastic service is totally free!

How can you find the cheapest airfares using Orbitz?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. An ebank account that allows you to make payments online.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the homepage of Orbitz.com at www.orbitz.com.
  2. Select "Flight only" to search for flights and enter the detailed information of your wanted tickets. Then click the button marked "Search Flights"
  3. There will be a list of filghts with their prices offered by different airlines, click "Flight details" to see the detailed information about them.
  4. Compare the prices and choose the most suitable one by clicking "Select".
  5. Review the details of the flight and click "Continue booking". You may also choose to add a recommended hotel.
  6. You may choose either to add a rental car or not, and then click "Continue booking".
  7. Enter the travellers information and other information as required and click "Continue".
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm and pay for your booking.
  9. For more information, refer to the FAQ center at https://faq.orbitz.com/


Are you tired of googling for different airlines just to find the cheapest one? Did you ever want to kill yourself when finding there had been much cheaper tickets after getting off the plane? If the answer is yes, then Orbitz.com would definitely be your best choice. Fast, convenient, efficient, and totally free, the searching service provided by Oribitz.com always helps you to find the cheapest tickets within minutes. If you are also worried about hotels, cars and other travelling things, Orbitz.com also provides various packages. In a word, if you want to save money, save time, and save your life from suicide, come to Orbitz.com.

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