Redeem a code from a Monster High Product

Redeem a code from a Monster High Product

About Monster High

Monster High is a fashion series of dolls designed and produced by Mattel, which is the largest toy company in the world with headquarters in California, USA. All the monster high characters are originally from the monster movies and horror fictions, they're considered to be the offsprings of some famous characters designed by Monster, such as the mummy Frankenstein, the phantom of the Opera, zombies, wolf-men, ghosts and the abominable snowman, etc.

About redeeming the code of Monster High

Once a kid has purchased a monster high product or got it from parents as a gift, one can go to the website to redeem the code for some surprise from Monster High, which is a major part fun of the Monster High codes. Some of the surprise of the codes include decorating your monster locers and creating ragdolls. Since the codes are essential core of the doll series, one can only get the codes after purchasing the products of Monster High.

By redeeming the codes of monster high on the website, one can gather more fun on line in a virtual world than just playing with the dolls, lifting and putting down the hands. Using the codes for different dolls, one can create the specialized characters and appearances for its own doll, differentiate its toy with any others'.

How Can You Redeem a Code from a Monster High Product?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access, a valid toy with its code from Monster High.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the website at www.monsterhigh.com and click on "Got a code" from your toy to start the redemption.
  2. Enter your original code from the doll as required in the next page, and click "Go".
  3. You will receive a monster high locker sticker for your own monster high locker. If you don't have a monster locker, register on the page can easily get you one.
  4. Log in the monster high account and save the sticker for further use. For more information, refer to www.monsterhigh.com/games/locker-decorator.


If you want to experience a more interesting and complicating doll game for your children without violence and bloody killing, purchase them a monster high doll and redeem the code from the main page of our official website.

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