Become an Independent Beauty Consultant

Become an Independent Beauty Consultant

About Mary Kay and Mary Kay InTouch

Mary Kay, Inc. is a direct selling company of cosmetics products and a leading company in beauty for 50 years. Founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963 and based in Texas, now Mary Kay has business all over the world. Due to its multi-level marketing, Mary Kay has kept a high sales volume and high profits. The company gives the latest beauty advice and sells the most products through its Independent Beauty Consultants worldwide. Mary Kay InTouch is a community website that provides 24-hour access to information and services for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants in U.S..

About Independent Beauty Consultant

Independent Beauty Consultant is a position for women who start their own business in Mary Kay. The company employs over 2 million independent beauty consultants worldwide for direct selling. Mary Kay beauty consultants use direct selling to advertise and sell skin care products. Consultants receive 50 percent of every item sold. Direct selling affords consultants flexibility and freedom to earn a small or large income. One important part of a Mary Kay beauty consultant's job is to offer beauty advice and present makeup tips to their customers. Mary Kay beauty consultants also mentor novice consultants, and help new consultants to get started in the business.

Becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant is not only a good chance to achieve financial success, but also a good chance to get access to the latest makeup trends and the finest cosmetic products. Moreover, you have access to Mary Kay InTouch, a special community for Beauty Consultants across U.S..

How to become a Mary Kay InTouch Independent Beauty Consultant?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to Mary Kay website at: http://www.marykay.com/default.aspx, and click hyperlink "Independent Beauty Consultant" at the top of the page.
  2. On the next page, click "Get started now" to find an Independent Beauty Consultant in your location.
  3. Get in touch with your Independent Beauty Consultant online or in person, and ask her about applications.
  4. For further information, refer to FAQs at: http://www.marykay.com/company/justthefaqs/default.aspx.


If you have interest in beauty and cosmetic products, if you have ambition for financial success, take your chance to become a Mary Kay InTouch Independent Beauty Consultant right now! It's challenging, but rewarding.

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