Subscribe to Kitco Kcast Alerts to Track Metal Prices

Subscribe to Kitco Kcast Alerts to Track Metal Prices

About Kitco Metals Inc.

Kitco Metals Inc. is a Canadian company that buys and sells a wide range of precious metal products in gold, silver, platinum, etc., and provides refining services for the jewelry manufacturing industry and mill products. The company has served as one of the world's leading retailers of precious metals since 1977. Kitco also provides customers with live quotes and charts for metal prices at its website, which has become the world's favorite and most trusted source of precious metals market information.

About the Kitco Kcast Alerts

The Kitco Kcast Alerts is an email or text notification that informs you of the real-time market information of the precious metal prices and currency exchange rates. Customers can go to the Kitco website to subscribe to Kitco Kcast Alerts based on their specific needs. It's easy and only takes you a few minutes to complete.

By subscribing to the Kitco Kcast Alerts, you will be able to get updates on market movements and track precious metal prices and currency exchange rates in real time. The convenient and customizable service will help you make right decisions when making investment in metal products.

How to subscribe to Kitco Kcast Alerts?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. A valid email address.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Kitco Metals website at: http://www.kitco.com, click on "Subscribe now" at the right of the homepage.
  2. Next, it will bring you to the Kitco Kcast Alerts page, click on the button "Create an account".
  3. Enter your personal information as required, create a username and password for your account and then click on the button marked "Next".
  4. Select your favorite email format, email or text, and answer the questions, and then click on "Next".
  5. Read the "Terms and Conditions" carefully and click on "I agree. Create my account" to complete your Kitco Kcast Alerts account creation.
  6. Then you can start setting up alerts right away by clicking on the button marked "Add a new alert". Before you can receive email alerts, you will be asked to activate your email alerts by clicking on an activation link sent to your email address.
  7. If you have any question regarding the Kitco Kcast Alerts, you may refer to the Kitco Alerts FAQs at: http://sms.kitco.com/KcastAlertsWeb/faq.


If you want the information about the current precious metal prices and currency exchange rates, the best choice for you is to subscribe to the Kitco Kcast Alerts. It is easy and convenient!

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