Take Part in Hallmark Canada Survey

Take Part in Hallmark Canada Survey

About Hallmark Cards

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Hallmark Cards is the largest manufacturer of greeting cards of the United States. Founded in1910 by Joyce C. Hall, Hallmark has become an internationally famous manufacturer and retailer of greeting cards, gift wrap, party goods, giftware, electronic greetings, Keepsake Ornaments, etc. About Hallmark Canada Survey

Hallmark Cards is opening its survey online for its customers in Canada. With the name of Hallmark Canada Survey, it is supposed to collect the customers’ feedbacks and opinions on its products, namely the Hallmark cards or other goods they have bought at Hallmark, and on the service provided at any Hallmark store as well.

For every participant who has finished all the survey questions online, he or she will be instantly enrolled in the sweepstakes held by Hallmark Cards. The winner of the sweepstakes may get a “Daily Prize”, namely either USD$1,000, CAD$1,000, £1,000, or 1,000 Euros, or an “Instant Prize”, which is a 8GB iPod Nano.

How can you take part in Hallmark Canada Survey?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. You need to have access to the internet.
  2. You need to have bought something at Hallmark and keep your receipt, or keep the invitation card which you have got at Hallmark.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Visit the website of Hallmark Canada Survey at http://www1.empathica.com/client_rrp/help/help_files/Help_NA.html0' target='_blank'>http://www.hallmarklistens.ca.
  2. Click to choose the language you want to use, either English or French is available.
  3. Click to choose the invitation method you received.
  4. If you have an invitation card, enter the survey number on the card and click “Enter”; if you have your receipt, enter the details of your visit, including store number, date of visit, time of visit and total purchase amount and click “Enter”.
  5. Answer all the survey questions according to your shopping experience at Hallmark.
  6. When you have submitted your answers, do not forget to leave your contact details so that you will be informed of your winning in the sweepstakes.
  7. If you meet with any difficulty during the survey, find help at: http://www1.empathica.com/client_rrp/help/help_files/Help_NA.html.


If you are a regular customer of Hallmark Cards in Canada, you can now take part in Hallmark Canada Survey with an invitation card or a recent Hallmark receipt. If lucky enough, you may get a 8GB iPod Nano, or USD$1,000, CAD$1,000, £1,000, or 1,000 Euros in the following sweepstakes.

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