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Apply for the Federal Grants via GRANTS.GOV.

Apply for the Federal Grants via GRANTS.GOV.

About the Grants.gov

Grants.gov was established to improve government services to the public in accord with the 1991 Federal Financial Assistance Management Improvement Act. At first, it was known as E-Grants Initiative. It's the website at which you can find and apply for federal grants. With over 1,000 grant programs and about $500 billion in annual awards, Grants.gov has really served the purpose as a helper of governmental resource.

About the Application for the Federal Grants at Grants.gov

Anyone who want to get federal grants need to apply for it. Since the Department of Health and Human Services is the Grants.gov program’s managing partner, there are a variety of grants offered by 26 federal grant-making agencies, such as the Agency for International Development and the Department of Agriculture. Please notice that it's an award of financial assistance for recipients to take on public purpose of support or stimulation but not the money for personal financial assistance or debt.

It’s a convenient and safe way to apply for the federal grants at Grants.gov. It's easy to search for grant opportunities by category, by agency or simple by entering key words. Since it is owned by the government, there is no doubt that your information is secured.

How Can You Apply for the Federal Grants With the Help of GRANTS.GOV?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the GRANTS.GOV homepage at: http://www.grants.gov/
  2. Click on "Find Grant Opportunities" on the left of the page. Choose the one that suits you and click on the tab marked, "Application", to download the application package.
  3. Complete the grant application offline using the package and remember to save it.
  4. go to get registered at: http://www07.grants.gov/applicants/get_registered.jsp/.
  5. Choose whether to register as an individual or an organization and click on "Register with grants.gov".
  6. Enter the information that is needed into the required field and click on "Register". Create a username and login.
  7. Checked the package for errors and saved it, click on "Save & Submit" on the cover page. Then your application package will automatically be uploaded to Grants.gov.
  8. Once your application has been submitted, a Grants.gov tracking number will be provided at the bottom of the new page. Use the number to check the status.
  9. For further information, refer to the Help center at: http://www07.grants.gov/applicants/applicant_faqs.jsp#applying


It’s an ever easy way to get access to such comprehensive information about the federal grants. As a member of the United States, you deserve the chance to apply for the grants at grants.gov. Come and see if you are qualified.

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