Search for a Job at WorkSource Effectively

Search for a Job at WorkSource Effectively

About WorkSource

WorkSource is an online resource created by a joint venture of a number of different organizations, including state and local government agencies as well as non-profit groups, based in the State of Washington. The purpose of WorkSource is to help citizen of Washington find employment quickly and conveniently.

About go2worksource.com

Go2worksource is an online web portal containing many different services and resources for residents of the State of Washington seeking employment as well as the opportunity to develop and improve their work skills. The services they provide are absolutely free and job seekers can apply for work online.

By using go2worksource.com, you will be able to quickly and conveniently search for jobs in your areas of expertise, store up to five different resumes and submit them to different employers. Also, the site will give you helpful advice designed to optimize your job search and help you with extra training for stronger job skills.

How can you search for a job at go2worksource.com?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access
  2. You must be a legal resident of the State of Washington.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the WorkSource job search website at: www.go2worksource.com.
  2. Select your location in Washington State and the type of job you are looking for from the drop down menus and then indicate whether or not you are pursuing full-time work. Finally, add any keywords for your search that you would like to and then click on the button marked, "Search for Jobs."
  3. Review the job listing that your search returns to you.
  4. Click on the job listings that interest you.
  5. Read through the job description. If you would like to apply for the job, click on the link at the bottom of the page.
  6. For further information about how to use WorkSource to help you find a job, consult their general information page at: www.wa.gov/esd/guides/jobsearch/strategy/strat_faq.htm.


The economy is in pretty terrible shape right now and a lot of Americans are out there looking for work in a tough market. If you are a job seeker in the State of Washington, take a look at the www.go2worksource.com website, since it has tens of thousands of job listings as well as all kinds of advice and resources you can use to improve your chances of getting work.

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