Apply for Unemployment Benefits of Washington State

Apply for Unemployment Benefits of Washington State

About the Employment Security Department of Washington State

The Employment Security Department of Washington State is an agency of the state of Washington responsible for providing help to workers and employers in Washington. It first was a place office established by the federal government in 1907 to help immigrants find jobs. Their mission right now covers delivering employment services, unemployment benefits and unemployment insurance system to residents in Washington.

About the Washington State Unemployment Benefits Application

Unemployment benefits were firstly issued by cash payment in 1939 in Washington State. Generally speaking, benefits provide financial supply for unemployed workers to buy food or to pay rent when they are looking for jobs. And communities also can get help for maintaining their consumer spending during economy difficult. The unemployment benefits is to guarantee you a stable life when you have a stressful time.

Applying Unemployment Benefits is easy and completely free. You can apply either online or by phone. This smart move can help you and your family out as soon as possible. Moreover, information about seeking jobs is also available on their website.

How to apply for Unemployment Benefits of Washington State?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to Unemployment Benefits on Employment Security website at http://www.esd.wa.gov/uibenefits/apply/eligibility/am-i-eligible.php. You must read all the requirement below and make sure that you understand each of them, and you are eligible.
  2. If you are eligible to claim unemployment benefits click “online unemployment-benefits application” in red and underlined.
  3. Then you will see an information page, read the items carefully and try to prepare all the documents asked.
  4. If you prefer file your application by phone, call at 1-800-318-6022.
  5. Whether the unemployment benefits claim is processed or not, you would receive a letter of notification.


If there is any question about Washington State Unemployment Benefits Application, you can go to FAQ at http://www.esd.wa.gov/uibenefits/faq/faq-ui.php. And if you cannot find a proper answer, you can submit your question at http://www.esd.wa.gov/uibenefits/question-index.php.

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