Participate in Nestle Get Set Go Free

Participate in Nestle Get Set Go Free

About Nestlé

Nestlé, or Nestlé S.A., is the largest nutrition and food company in the world. Founded in 1866 in Vevey, Switzerland, it has expanded its operations and sales to over 86 countries all over the world, with more than 280,000 people employed. It has a wide product range, which include baby food, coffee, dairy products, bottled water, ice cream, pet foods, breakfast cereals and so on.

About Nestlé Get Set Go Free

Nestlé Get Set Go Free is a promotional program offered by Nestlé for its customers. By collecting points from promotional packs of various Nestlé products, you can get a chance of enjoying a huge range of exciting activities, which will surely provide a terrific opportunity for you to have a brilliant time with your family.

You can use the points you have collected to claim 25 activities, which are all totally free. You can have a chance to choose among the long list of activities, including Hockey, Gym, Swimming, Gymnastics, Exercise Class, Football, Rugby, Dance, Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Golf, Canoeing, Sailing, etc regarding to the amount of points you have collected.

How can you take part in Nestle Get Set Go Free?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. You need to be a legal resident in UK or ROI and be aged 18 or over.
  2. You need to buy some Nestlé promotional products, on the packs of which you can find the points you will get.
  3. You need to have access to the internet.
  4. You need to take part in the promotional program no later than Jul 31, 2012.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Visit the website of Nestle Get Set Go Free at: http://www.getsetgofree.com.
  2. Click "GET STARTED".
  3. Enter the codes you have found on the packs of the promotional products by Nestlé and click "GO".
  4. In the next page, enter some of your personal information for registration, choose whether you’d like to keep updated about Nestlé UK promotions, tick as agreement to the terms and conditions of the promotion, and click the tab "SUBMIT".
  5. Set up your username and password, and then you can continue with the collection of points and redeem for the activities you are interested in later.
  6. You can get help in the FAQ section of Nestle Get Set Go Free at: http://www.getsetgofree.com/2011/Public/FAQ.aspx.


Nestlé is now providing a best chance for you and your family to have fun together! By collecting the points from any promotional product packs of Nestlé, you can now take part in Nestle Get Set Go Free at its official website and make your choice among the activity list.

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