Get special discounts when shop at Fabric.com

Get special discounts when shop at Fabric.com

About Fabric.com

Fabric.com is one of the major online fabric stores in the world. It was originally founded in 1993 as a wholesaler of clothing fabrics and went online in 1999 in attempt to sell fabrics directly to consumers, which has been a success. It now provides mainly three categories of fabrics: quilting fabric, apparel sewing fabric, and home decorating fabric.

About getting discounts

If you shop at Fabric.com, you can get special discounts with the help of coupons. Visit the coupon corner, get available coupon codes which you can use when submitting your orders, then you can get a special discount.

It is a very convenient way for you to get discounts when buying fabrics at Fabric.com. The coupons are totally free and easy to get. Shopping at Fabric.com online can save you both time and money!

How can you get special discounts when you shop at Fabric.com?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. An email address.
  3. A shipping address and a billing address.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Fabric.com website at: http://www.fabric.com.
  2. Click on "Coupon Corner" under "Especially For You" at the bottom of the webpage to go to the Fabric.com Coupon Corner and get a coupon code that is available for your use.
  3. Choose the fabric you want to buy, and then click on the button marked "Add to Cart".
  4. After you have put all the fabrics you want in the cart, click on "checkout" at the upper right corner of the webpage.
  5. Enter your email address, choose "I am a new customer" to create a new account, "I am a returning customer" and enter your password, or "Guest Checkout". Then click on the button marked "CONTINUE CHECKOUT".
  6. Fill the order form following the instruction of the website.
  7. Enter your coupon code and click on the button marked "Apply".
  8. Finish the checkout process following the instruction of the website.
  9. For further information, click on "Customer Service" at the upper right corner of the webpage and go to https://www.fabric.com/SitePages/CustomerService.aspx.


If you want to buy fabrics, Fabric.com would be your best choice. You can shop all kinds of fabrics at Fabric.com online, more importantly, you may get special discounts! At Fabric.com you can get your fabric without stepping out of the house. It is easy and convenient, and the special accounts save you money!

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