Book a Disney World package online

Book a Disney World package online

About Disney

The Walt Disney Corporation is the largest multinational media corporation in the world, with its own film studio, many different television networks and studios, publishing companies, radio productions, merchandising and theater divisions, and many famous theme parks all over the world. The company began as an animation studio in Hollywood back in 1923.

About booking a Disney World package online

Disney theme park are famous throughout the world and millions flock to spend their holidays there every year. Disney allows visitors to book package holidays to their theme parks over the internet. Their package holidays include lodging, dining and admission to Disney theme park attractions. One may choose from a variety of hotel choices, from moderate accommodations to deluxe villas.

Booking a fabulous package holiday to a Disney theme park couldn’t be easier with the Disney World packages website. You can select your hotel, dining plan, tickets to park attractions and air flights all from one website in a way that is easy and convenient. Everything you need to know is on one sight and can be reviewed at a glance. The website’s trip planner makes trip planning simple.

How can you book a Disney World package online?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. A credit or bank card that can make payments online.
  3. A valid passport for each person going on holiday.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Disney World Packages website at: www.disneypackages.co.uk and click on one of the buttons marked, “Get Package Prices,” depending on which agency you want to book through, Walt Disney Travel Company or Virgin Holidays.
  2. Tick the circle to indicate what kind of package you want: One inclusive of air travel, one just for hotel and tickets, one just for hotel, or one just for tickets.
  3. Choose from the drop-down menus the airports from which and to which you want to fly as well as your travel dates, as well as the number of people traveling. Finally, click on the button marked, “Search.”
  4. Review your search results and select the holiday package that you want by clicking on the button marked, “Select & Continue.”
  5. Select the hotel you want by clicking on the button marked, “Select & Continue.”
  6. Select your room options and then click on the button marked, “Select & Continue.”
  7. Choose your ticket plan and then click on the button marked, “Select & Continue.”
  8. Choose your dining plan and then click on the button marked, “Select & Continue.”
  9. Review your itinerary and then click on the button marked, “Book Your Holiday.”
  10. Enter your personal and billing information and then complete the package holiday booking process.
  11. If you have any questions about booking your Disney Package holiday, please consult the Disney Guest Services website at: disney.go.com/guestservices/.


People all over the world loving visiting Disney theme parks and now planning holiday to a theme park is easier than you think. With Disney’s online travel planner, you can book your entire holiday simply and quickly one Disney website.

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