Join Danimals Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes

Join Danimals Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes

About the Dannon Danimals

Found in 1942, the Dannon Company, Inc produces and sells yogurt around the world. Danimals is a brand for kids under Dannon. They offer some products for kids, such as smoothies, crunchers, crush cup and collision with different fruity flavors. All of Danimals products have certain nutrition for kids. It helps kids to grow up healthy and strong.

About the Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes

The Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes is an activity sponsored by Dannon Danimals and Iceagemovie.com. Someone can win some serious treasure by taking part in this activity. Please notice that this activity is only for legal residents in 50 U.S., DC and Puerto Rico, at age of 5-15. Of course, kids who participate in this activity must get permission from their parents or legal guardians. In the end, the winner will be announced at the website by September 1. Everyone, take part in this fun activity and keep an eye on the result. For about the treasure, it’s not disclosed right now. Let’s wait and see.

By holding some activity such as the Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes, Dannon Danimals can not only provide nutrition to kids but also offer more fun to them. With the latest popular movie theme, it’s successful to get kids interested in the activity and bring them more fun. Do you want to know what the treasure is? Come on and join in!

How to take part in Dannon Danimals Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the Ice Age 4 Sweepstakes website at: http://danimals.com/danimals-coupons/PromoEnd.aspx.
  2. Read some information at the bottom of the aforementioned page.
  3. To take part in this activity, you have to find codes under the over-wrap of specially-marked packages of Dannon Danimals products. You can also obtain a free code by sending a mail to a given address with some information about your birth and complete name etc.
  4. For further information about full Official Rules, refer to the website at: http://www.danimals.com/ice-age-movie.


Prizes or treasure can arouse the curiosity of kids. This activity really brings some fun to kids. To get the code, kids will have some Dannon Danimals products which are good for kid’s health. It’s a matter to make the best of both worlds.

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