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Get a Domain for Your Website Within Minutes

Get a Domain for Your Website Within Minutes

About Go Daddy

First established in 1997 as Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons, Go Daddy Group Inc. is a privately held company now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with over 3,500 employees. As a web hosting company, Go Daddy provides domain registration and hosting, as well as e-business related software and services.

About Getting a Domain for Your Website

Go Daddy offers website building services, and allows you to choose your own domain. Now new domains ending with ".com" or ".co" cost only $9.99 a year. With a series of options provided, you may also find domains ending with ".info" ".org" ".net" ".mobi" and so forth. Some domains are at auction, and they might be expensive. If your domain has already been taken, you will be informed right after you submitted your search. And you'll have to choose another one.

Getting a domain for your website with the help of Go Daddy is very simple and easy. Go Daddy saves all the trouble for you and the only thing you need to do is to enter your ideal domain name, purchase for it, and build your own website. The domains are all offered at a reasonable price.

How Can You Get a Domain for Your Website With the Help of Go Daddy?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. A Go Daddy account. If you don't have one, create it at https://cart.godaddy.com/basket.aspx?ci=20548.
  3. An e-bank account for purchase.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to the homepage of Go Daddy at http://www.godaddy.com/.
  2. Enter your domain into the searching field, click to choose a suffix from the drop-down list, and click "Search".
  3. If your domain is available, then click on the button marked "Express Buy".
  4. Review the information in the cart and click "Continue to Checkout". Before that, you may change the length of time from 1 year to 10 years, and check the little box above the button marked "Continue to Checkout" to choose a charity from the pop-up list and let Go Daddy donate $0.66 to it.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to purchase.
  6. For further information, refer to the support center at http://support.godaddy.com/?ci=22416.


If you want to build your own website, you'll need a good domain name. As a professional web hosting company, Go Daddy helps you get the best domain you want at a reasonable price.

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