Take Part In The C&A Shopping Experience Survey To Win A €500 C&A Gift Card

Take Part In The C&A Shopping Experience Survey To Win A €500 C&A Gift Card

About C&A

C&A is a chain of retail clothing stores, headquartered in Vilvoorde, BelgiumDüsseldorf, Germany. It was founded in 1841 by brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer. It has many stores all around the world. Its main products include apparel and accessories.

About C&A Shopping Experience Survey

C&A Shopping Experience Survey is an online activity for the company collecting feedbacks from its customers. By learning what its customers need or how its customers think about their service or products, the company can have a better understanding on how to improve their service.

Upon completion of the survey, you will be invited to enter for a chance to win a €500 C&A Gift Card. Besides, the C&A Foundation will donate €500.000 for amongst three charities. At the end of the survey, you have the chance to choose which of the three charities you would like C&A to support with your vote!

How Can You Take Part In The C&A Shopping Experience Survey To Win A €500 C&A Gift Card?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A device with Internet access.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to C&A Shopping Experience Survey website at: www.feedback.canda.com.
  2. Select your language, Country, State or Province and Store Selector, then click "Begin Survey" to begin.
  3. feedback-canda-com-take-part-in-the-ca-shopping-experience-survey-to-win-a-e500-ca-gift-card-1
  4. Read the notice and click "Next" to continue.
  5. feedback-canda-com-take-part-in-the-ca-shopping-experience-survey-to-win-a-e500-ca-gift-card-2
  6. Select the date and time of your visit to the store. Select "Have you taken one of our online surveys before?" and then click "Next" to continue.
  7. feedback-canda-com-take-part-in-the-ca-shopping-experience-survey-to-win-a-e500-ca-gift-card-3
  8. Follow the instructions step by step to finish the survey.
  9. For further questions about the survey, please refer to Contact website at: http://www.c-and-a.com/uk/en/corporate/company/contact/.
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